Heart Disease: The Leading Cause of Deaths in the USA in 2023

Heart diseases topped the mortality statistics in the United States in 2023, accounting for 28.2% of all deaths. This web story explores the factors behind these alarming statistics.

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Statistical Data

In addition to heart diseases, diabetes, liver diseases, influenza, pneumonia, and suicide were other common causes of death in 2023. Mortality rates vary with age, gender, and overall population health.

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COVID-19 and Underreporting

It is crucial to note that COVID-19 deaths may have been underreported, possibly making it the second or third leading cause of death in 2023.

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Risk Factors in Heart Disease

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, stress, age, and genetics are fundamental risk factors.

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Each risk factor is explored in concise paragraphs, emphasizing the importance of prevention and lifestyle changes.

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Read our full article and find out more information about risk factors and prevention of heart disease.

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