Yoga poses are suitable for Hypertension Patients

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If you are a yoga practitioner would know that not all poses can be done for everyone. There are poses that are not suitable for certain conditions.

Like for example pose Sirsasana (headstand) / head down (pedestal) feet above or Kapalabhati Pranayama (Skull Shining Breath). This poses its contraindicated in those who suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension.

According to Timothy McCall doctor specialist in internal medicine who is also Editor of Medical Journals Yoga expert from the point of view of yoga, practices balancing and calming the autonomic nervous system is often useful to control hypertension.

Many patients with hypertension are stressed so that the sympathetic branch of the so-called system of “fight or flight” of the autonomic nervous system tends to dominate the parasympathetic nerve branches (sometimes called a system of “rest and digest”). In other words, yoga poses that are relaxation is the key.

“If I had to choose yoga poses for those suffering from hypertension, of course I would choose Savasana (corpse pose). Due to the fact that, in many medical studies, this pose by itself will lower blood pressure significantly, “said Timothy.

But of course when we talk not only a yoga pose that will be called. Many people are under stress and even relieve stress not successful just by Savasana. They should do some warm up first steps with movement quite tiring.

So, a balanced exercise, according to ability to taste followed by Savasana and if necessary with meditation and breathing exercises hypertension problems can be handled without medication. You can do it every day or intermittently longer if it’s just once a week.

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