Women More Difficult to Lose Weight

Women More Difficult to Lose Weight

A study found that the Eve should do more exercises to get the same results as men. This also applies to diet.

The conclusion was made after researchers at the University of Missouri, studied obese men and women undergoing a fitness program. They found that in the same program, men benefit more quickly than women.

Experts explain that if the practice was enough for him to lose weight, while women also need supplements in addition to exercise programs diet to get the same results.

In this study, the participants underwent the same aerobic program for 16 weeks. Despite all of the exercises are the same speed, the researchers saw that men lose weight easier. Not only that, in 16 weeks, male fitness also increased, but not so with women.

“One of the reasons why there are differences in body composition. Men have more muscle than women. While muscle has a metabolic rate higher fat,” said Dr Chris Easton from the University of West Scotland, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Easton also added that men have a distinct advantage, because they have a larger organ, like the heart and lungs, as well as more hemoglobin and oxygen. Organ and these factors are very important to help them during exercise and lose weight.

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