Why should brush teeth before bed?

Brushing teeth before bed

Unilever Indonesia survey conducted on 165 families in Jakarta revealed that 70 percent of adults do not brush your teeth at night.

Even this habit passed on to their children, thus placing them on the problem of cavities.

So, how important do brushing your teeth before bed?

According to drg. Syarif Hidayat, SpKGA (K), as Chairman Association of Indonesian Children Dentist, bacteria in the mouth grown twice as fast in the evening. If left unchecked can cause cavities.

“At night, the amount of saliva in your mouth a little more and the rest of the food could be a nest of germs. Ultimately, the amount of more bacteria. If the teeth are not cleaned before it went to sleep, then comes the dental caries,” said drg. Sharif met Ghiboo in the Media Briefing Restauran Flower Goela Pepsodent in Jakarta (6/5).

The survey also shows that many people still do not know the exact time to brushing teeth. Not during the morning and afternoon showers, but after breakfast and before bed.

“Cavities are the most common problems suffered by the people. Condition is the forerunner of systemic disease,” said drg. Sharif.

Doctors Sharif invites all people, especially parents, to be more aware of these good habits. Get used to regular brushing teeth before bed in order to reduce the problem of cavities in children by 50 percent.

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