Why Anger Can Cause Heart Attacks?

Anger corrode health

Anger is often associated with high blood pressure and heart attacks. This is true. An American study revealed that excessive emotion endanger lives.

The experts did research on thousands of heart patients who often vent anger throughout the year. Those with mild indignation risk of heart attack doubled. While the intense anger at risk up to four times.

Written in Reuters, the greater the anger, including throwing objects and threatening others, the higher the risk. The researchers found that every increase in the intensity of the anger, the possibility of a heart attack will follow every two hours.

Risk was 1.7-fold in anger shown with sound, 2.3-fold in the form of the body tense with anger, clenched his fists, and teeth chattering, and 4.5-fold times the anger that led to out of control, hurting yourself or others.

So what actually happens in the body when we are angry, triggering a heart attack? “When uncontrollable emotion, the body releases epinephrine and norepinephrine chemical response,” said researcher Elizabeth Mostofsky is also a postdoctoral student of the Cardiovascular Epidemiology Research Unit, Harvard Medical School, Boston.

Both of these hormones can increase blood pressure, pulse rate, blood vessel constriction, making blood platelets coagulate. This condition increases the risk of heart.

This finding reversed by removing the myth that anger can reduce body stress and psychology. Anger will only corrode health risks such as heart and blood vessel problems.

Monstofsky and his colleagues say that regular exercise can reduce the risk of heart attack as a whole.

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