Tips to make hair look thicker

Tips to make hair look thicker

HAIR thin and limp, the condition is to avoid any woman.
Unfortunately, we can not choose. There are genetically thin hair. In some cases, there are experiencing thinning with age. Entering the age of 30, the hormone can also cause thinning hair shaft diameter and hair follicles active decline.

After all, no one wants her hair looks thin in the 30s, right? For more serious cases – such as baldness at an early age – to see a dermatologist is the best solution. However, for mild cases, the extent overcome your hair starts to look thin or sparse, you could manage to make it look more volume.

How to do this?

Wash hair right

To make thin hair look thicker, starting from how you wash your hair. Of the various types of shampoo, choose a shampoo volume. Should thin hair use conditioner? Indeed, work conditioner moisturises and relaxes hair. Most owners are reluctant to use a thin hair conditioner, for fear of looking limp. But you should still use it, to keep moisture and easy to manage hair. Just look at the application. Apply a little conditioner, on the ends of your hair.

Serum or vitamin

After shampooing, gently pat dry with a towel. After that, still wet, use a serum or vitamins to the hair shaft. It helps maintain the health of hair and make hair beautiful dangle.


For the case of thin hair, dry it using a hair dryer. The technique, bow your heads, let your hair down falling down. Then dry starting from the back of the head (near the neck) first. With the help of a comb and hair dryer, comb gently downward. When it feels almost dry, uphold head back. Then dry thoroughly with a round comb.

Accents add hair volume

Techniques were you doing when combing and blow dryer with her head down, make hair fluffy. Now, after a blow dry, you can make the hair look more fluffy and durable with hair rollers. Velcro hair roller material (roll type who lives rolled, without a brace anymore). Let stand for 10-15 minutes. Remove the back roller. Then trim and governance in the style that you want, simply with your fingers.

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