There Stimulation Process of Breastfeeding


Breast milk benefits for babies. Especially in terms of nutrition. Not only that, the fact direct breastfeeding can also have a positive impact for the baby.

Said Dr. I Gusti Ayu Nyoman Partiwi, Sp.A, MARS, it is ideal if given breast milk directly. That is certainly breastfeed directly.

“Breastfeeding is the process of continuous stimulation of the sensory baby. Which of course is good for brain development in the early phases of baby’s life,” said a doctor who is often called Dr. Tiwi.

Stimulation obtained because when the baby is suckling on his mother, he would smell his mother. Babies will also hear the voice, breath, and the mother’s heartbeat. “It’s all a stimulation for babies,” said Dr. Tiwi.

The activity, associated with several components of sensory stimulation, neuro endocrine, and central functions motor baby. Activity was reflected clearly in the beginning stages of the process of early breastfeeding can improve neurological function babies.

Stimulation not only with the activities alone. When feeding the baby, the mother should also interact with the baby. Stroking the baby, asked her to speak, and sang the song when the baby was being breastfed stimulation for them.

In addition to stimulation, there is a process in the nursing process attachments as well. “It’s just the result of the attachment, not to be measured today,” continued Dr. Tiwi.

Results attachment with the mother will be felt 10 years or even more. One of the results that can be seen is the emergence of the child’s ability to adapt well in the environment.

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