The way Beyonce shaping her body

The way Beyonce shaping her body

Who knows how many times the name of Beyonce in the list of most desirable celebrity body all women.

Beyonce Giselle Knowles body shape, it has its own characteristics. Curvy curves and a combination of solid muscle become new overview of sexy woman also elegant and tough.

Energetic performances on stage with a dazzling combination of dance is not the main menu secret wife’s body shape rapper Jay-Z. According to Marco Borges, a personal trainer who also coaches other Hollywood artists, Beyonce works hard for her body shape.

Diet Rules.

A diet low carb and low fat is the main thing that acted Beyonce. Daily menus are consumed green vegetables and fresh fruit. In addition, it limits red meat, breads and alcoholic beverages. Beyonce is very fond of drinking water and a snack of almonds or walnuts. “Another secret, I still eat chocolate, so that adequate calorie intake,” he said.

The Shake It.

Dancing is the thing that can not be separated from Beyonce, just look at a variety of powerful choreography that was brought on stage and videoclips. But behind it extra hard sport so secret Beyonce.

“Do you know now any one movement like a reverse lunge presses, sit ups to touches, burpees, or crunches, the diva did as many as 100 reps for 3-4 sets of exercises?” Marcos said. Plus another 30 minutes of cardio exercise and 45 minutes of lifting weights.

“If we increase the training time by running about 9-10 miles. Course after Beyonce? Would practice choreography with the dancers. Pleasant, is not it?” Marcos added.

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