The place that makes slim apart from the gym

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Not to mention other technologies such as smartphones, tablet computers, and other media that does not require strenuous activity to access it. The lack of activity is can cause health problems and weight gain.

A professor of medicine at Mayo’s Rochester Department of Endocrinology, Dr. James A Levine said, a healthy office is an office that allows employees to move more.

For example, by getting rid of seat-Kusi and change the table layout. Making tracks for a meeting to walk. The calls are ‘embedded’ in the table is replaced with the cordless. The idea is to motivate people to actively moving or walking more in the office while they work.

Here are some examples of activities that the office can help you lose weight according to Levine:

Up down stairs

Instead of using the elevator or escalator, better to use the fire escape if you want to lose weight at the office. If the floor is not too high you’re going, how it can be used as an alternative exercise to improve the body’s metabolism and fat burning.

When meeting a lot of motion

Instead of booking a room for the meeting, you’ll want to invite your colleagues and relations to go walking with you. Invite them to discuss serious but relaxed while walking towards the restaurant or meeting room.

Make sure the subject is discussed not too formal. Exchange ideas and opinions is one that you can do. By doing this, you’ll be faster calorie burn than have to sit for long in the boardroom.

Never too much sitting

Stand up while talking or typing while doing a presentation. The meeting participants can also listen to the presentation while standing up. Convey good reason to your boss that stands far healthier than linger at the meeting.

Stand can also make you more flexible and free to move. The more movement, also increasing metabolism and burning calories your body.

Find fellow soldier

Lucky if you have a work friend who has the same goals, because they will not be invited to eat at fast food restaurants. If you do not have, then immediately find friends with the same goal, it will be an extra motivation for you.

You and fellow soldier are also could give pedometers to assess who has the most steps in the working day. This will be a very fun way. In addition to improving motivation, you too can be free of stress.

Healthy snacking

Your workbench certainly have one or even several small drawers. Make one of them a “drawer healthy” by adding healthy snacks like whole wheat bread, dried vegetables, nuts, and fruits. This snack will keep you full longer and prevent gluttonous eating at lunch.

Let’s make the office a healthy place to lose weight from now. :)

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