Symptoms of Hemorrhoids and Treatment Method

Anatomy of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid is a disease caused by the swelling or inflammation of the rectum (anal canal) bottom. In general, hemorrhoids are not so dangerous, but if left not soon be solved, it will get worse and cause pain, not light. Judging from the location of vein swelling veins, hemorrhoids can be divided into Internal Hemorrhoids where swelling / inflammation occurs at the bottom (inside) rectum, and External Hemorrhoids which developed swelling under the skin around the anus.

External hemorrhoids usually cause uncomfortable sensation more than the Internal Hemorrhoids. This is caused by irritation or erosion of the skin in the area. And in this type of hemorrhoids, the patient will feel pain sudden severe.

While the Internal hemorrhoids, the patients usually do not feel pain or discomfort, as occurred in hemorrhoids on the outside. However, when defecation is usually accompanied with blood.

Hemorrhoids Symptoms

Generally hemorrhoids associated with chronic constipation, straining during bowel movements, causing blood vessels around the anus to swell. In addition, pregnancy, sitting for too long, and the elderly may also be a factor increasing the risk of disease is hemorrhoids. And even heredity, obesity, prolonged diarrhea, weight training activities that are less precise are other factors that can lead to hemorrhoids.

By addressing these factors are suspected as the cause of hemorrhoids above, it appears that the majority of us can experience some of the above factors. Employees of a company or public servants typically work in a seated position, and for a long time. Especially when so preoccupied with work, until forget to rest for a moment. It’s certainly not good for health. Therefore, it seems very logical when we are all aware of these hemorrhoids, because it can strike anyone, young and old, male and female.

Here are a symptom of hemorrhoids are easy to identify:

  • Hemorrhoids can be recognized by the discharge of mucus or blood with stool / feces.
  • Sometimes blood dripping from the anal canal.
  • In external hemorrhoids, there are smooth bumps around the anal canal. And the size is greater when the hemorrhoids getting worse.
  • Hemorrhoid sufferers usually feel pain or discomfort when sitting.
  • Although not all patients with hemorrhoids feel this way, many of whom had no significant complaints.

Prevention and Treatment of Hemorrhoids

In the initial phase, hemorrhoids can actually be addressed with a healthy lifestyle without the need to take certain medications. Some of them are:

  • Expand-consuming eating foods that contain fiber. High fiber foods that are natural or in supplement form can launch large bowel, thus reducing constipation, irritation, bleeding, and swelling more on hemorrhoids. High fiber content found in broccoli, beans, wheat, and fresh fruit.
  • Exercise regularly. Doing light exercise such as aerobics for 20 to 30 minutes a day can stimulate regular bowel function.
  • Do not delay shitting. No matter how busy you are, you should squeeze in a little time to go to the toilet when nature calls occur. Do not delay until you find free time. It would be nice if you have a separate schedule for this shitting affairs. The more regularly the better.
  • Warm water therapy. Caucasian people called sitz bath, the buttocks and hips soak in warm water. It is believed to relieve itching, irritation, and spasms in the sphincter muscle.
  • Hemorrhoid cream may be useful. Hemorrhoid cream containing local anesthetic is usually quite useful for reducing pain. However it is recommended not to use continuously more than a week at a specific time.
  • Ice therapy. Using ice as a compress on the area around the anus that have swollen hemorrhoids for a few minutes can help reduce pain and prevent further swelling.
  • Sit on the field is not that hard. Try to sit on the soft field. This can reduce the risk of the emergence of a new formation of swelling.

If hemorrhoids are relatively severe, efforts to handle it could have done with a surgical procedure or by taking several medications as recommended by your doctor hemorrhoids. Several procedures hemorrhoids or hemorrhoid treatment is quite powerful as injections around the hemorrhoid with sklerotika drugs, using ligation methods that trap clamped hemorrhoids with rubber elastic, and methods cauterisasi is clamped to the metal pile electrified. While some brands of drugs to treat hemorrhoids include aethoxysklerol 1% injection, aethoxysklerol 3% injection, ambeven, anadium, antihemoroid suppo, ardium, borraginol n-suppo, dan borraginol-n oint.

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