Symptoms of Diabetes in Women

Symptoms of Diabetes in Women

Diabetes disease can strike anyone. When the disease affects each person, will usually bring up certain signs. Quoted from Times of India, diabetes has common features that can be found in patients with both men and women. However, in particular in women, there are characteristics more specifically that could arise.

Prior to further consider the special features of diabetes in women, it helps you understand the general characteristics of diabetes for every person. Here are possible symptoms that can be experienced by everyone, who have elevated levels of blood sugar:

1. Increased thirst at any time.
2. Increased appetite.
3. Frequent urination, even though the night would often wake up to urinate.
4. Often feel exhausted.
5. Weight up and down without any reason.
6. Often feel nauseous.
7. Dry mouth.
8. The ability to see is reduced.
9. Itchy skin.
10. If there are injuries, the healing process take longer.

Once you understand the symptoms of diabetes in general, these other symptoms are experienced only by women. Sometimes these symptoms are not recognized and need further investigation to establish the diagnosis. Doctors are better able to analyze the extent to which the symptoms the following part of the symptoms of diabetes or not:

1. In the vagi*** area there is an infection.
2. Fungal infections also occurred in the area of ​​the female se* organs.
3. Hormonal malfunctions.
4. It is possible that women with diabetes get the polycystic ovarian syndrome.
5. Usually found depressed.
6. Having high cholesterol levels than men.

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