Swallow nest can moisturize the skin

Swallow nest can moisturize the skin

For centuries the swallow nest is a valuable treasure for imperial families of China. In addition to healthy lungs, swallow nest is the beauty secret of Chinese empress. The bird’s nest is known to make the skin become more beautiful and moist.

Swallow nest for centuries in China has become a very valuable commodity. Since it is considered valuable, ancient Tang Tinasti bird nest is a symbol of sacrifice for the glory of the emperor of China.

Bird nest from a tropical country like Indonesia was used by the emperor and his family for a healthy body. “The Bird’s Nest is also consumed by the empress to maintain the beauty of the skin,” said Indra Laban, General Manager of PT Cerebos Indonesia that distribute supplements of swallow nest.

Until now, swallow nest is still a lucrative commodity. In the international market a kilogram of swallow nest can reportedly sold for $2000 US dollars. Since it is very expensive, do not be surprised if the bird nest is referred to as the caviar of the East.

Among people of Chinese descent, the habit of eating swallow nest for health is still underway. At drugstores Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) sold swallow nest for health. “My mother cooked swallow nest regularly for my father’s health. A bird’s nest is believed to strengthen the lungs. Mother cooking for health smoker father, “said Imelda Frances, Miss Indonesia 2005 Chinese blood.

“The saliva of swallows are known to strengthen the lungs and nourish the skin,” said Rachmat, TCM practitioners practicing in Pecenongan, Jakarta. During the reliable swallow nest generations as material for health and beauty. To prove the bird’s nest is scientifically beneficial to health, a clinical study conducted in Taiwan mothballs wrote examined the effect of swallow nest on 20 women aged 30 to 60 years.

The women consume swallow nest during the eight weeks. As a result, the skin was shown to be more humid due to consuming swallow nest. Unfortunately, research in Taiwan that still must be registered and have not been widely publicized.

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