Study: Lazy toothbrush can trigger impotence

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Men who experience sore gums due to lazy to brush your teeth three times more likely to inflame trouble.

Be careful for the lazy man toothbrush.

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Because dental hygiene is not maintained properly but can lead to inflammation of the gums, it can also increase the risk of erectile dysfunction, aka impotence.

Thus the results of research conducted by scientists Turkey as reported by the Daily Mail, Tuesday (12/04).

Study of 80 men aged 30-40 years who experience impotence, and 82 men in the control group with no erection problems showed that participants who experienced inflammation of the gums caused by lazy toothbrush, three times more likely to experience difficulty aroused.

“53 percent of men with erectile dysfunction suffer from gingivitis compared with 23 percent of men in the control group,” said lead study author, Dr. Faith Oguz from Inonu University, Turkey.

He explained that erectile dysfunction is a health problem that affects the lives of about 150 million men and their partners worldwide.

“Physical factors led to nearly two-thirds of cases, mainly because of the blood vessels, with psychological problems such as emotional stress and rest depression,” said Dr. Oguz.

Chronic periodontitis is itself a group of infectious disease which is mainly caused by bacteria. And, the most common is gingivitis.

“Many studies have reported that chronic periodontitis can cause vascular diseases, such as coronary heart disease, which have been associated with erectile problems,” he added.

Keep in mind, erectile dysfunction and chronic periodontitis in humans caused by the same risk factors, such as aging, smoking, diabetes, and coronary artery disease.

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