Stress caused pimply teenager

Stress caused pimply teenager

Acne is a chronic inflammation of the skin, specifically in organs called pilosebaceous unit. “Pilosebaceous unit is part of the pores in the skin where hair grows and sebaceous glands secrete sebum,” says Dr. Grace Novelita, SpKK, a dermatologist from BeYouTiful Clinic Jakarta.

Acne is mainly caused by the activity of the hormone androgen. “Androgen hormones cause the sebaceous glands become more active so that the skin to be more oily. Closed pores become oil is then inflamed acne,” he said.

Androgen hormones are very active when entering adolescence so that 85 percent of teens with acne. “Even so, adults can also experience acne. Approximately 40 percent of adults still have problems with acne,” said Dr. Grace.

Hereditary factors seem to influence the incidence of acne. “The tendency of a person so easy breakouts apparently nothing to do with heredity. Sizes and sebaceous gland activity and pore size proved to be handed down from parents to children. If both parents have a problem with acne, children have a 50 percent risk for problems with acne,” he added .

Acne can grow more fertile when the teenager is stressed. “A study ever conducted on adolescents in Singapore. Study examines acne as a teenager exams and holidays. Turns proven that when teens experience stress, they are having problems with acne,” said Dr. Grace.

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