Start the Day with a Healthy Menu

Start the Day with a Healthy Menu

Disease can affect anyone regardless of age.

Avoid with stock of knowledge and change your lifestyle.

Eggs became friends Diet.

Changing the breakfast habit could help you lose weight.

Researchers at Surrey University in England found that eating a boiled egg and toast in the morning has fewer calories than breakfast with toast, a bowl of cereal with milk or toast and orange juice.

Eating eggs in the morning can make a longer lasting satiety thus helping you to not overeat before lunch time.

Love Heart with Carrots.

In fact, other than good for eye health, eating carrots is also good for the heart.

Research conducted in the Netherlands at 20,000 people over ten years found that fruits and vegetables are colored orange is better for the heart than the fruits and vegetables of other colors are green, red, purple or white.

Eating half a carrot alone is meant to reduce the risk of heart disease by 32 percent. The high content of alpha-and beta-carotene in vegetables and fruits orange as an antioxidant for the body.

Mango for Memory.

Ripe mango can help your memory. Chief Marketing Nusa Fresh, Kafi Kurnia, said eating mango good for memory because they contain glutamine, compounds that are beneficial in improving memory.

This glutamine acid content in numerous studies proven to improve memory because it serves as fuel for the brain.

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