Sinusitis Disease Can Be Cured?

Sinusitis DiseaseSinusitis is an inflammation of the sinus cavities. Sinus or sometimes called a sinus paranasales is the air cavity that contained in the solid part of the skull around the face, which serve to lighten the skull. Sinusitis is also defined as inflammation, or swelling, of the tissue lining the sinuses. Usually sinuses are filled with air, but when sinuses blocked and filled with fluid, germs (bacteria, viruses, and fungi) can grow and cause an infection.

What causes sinusitis?

  1. Infection / inflammation, both in the nasal cavity and throat (inflammation of the tonsils – tonsils and adenoids).
  2. Blockage in the nasal cavity, such as a polyp, tumor, foreign body, bone augmentation nasal conchae (medical term: inferior conchae and the media), hooked nose bone (the bone between the middle separating the left and right nostril – the medical term: septal deviation ).
  3. The existence of allergy in the nose, causing blockage.
  4. Environmental influences, such as cold air, hot air, smoke, pollution, odors.
  5. In swimmers, water often go into the nasal cavity.
  6. Trauma (physical or pressure / barotrauma), causing bleeding in the sinus.
  7. Infection in molars (1,2,3) on the left and right, severe infection and long to penetrate through the maxillary sinus cavity (cheek).

How do the symptoms of sinusitis?

The most common symptoms of sinusitis are headache, pain in the face, and fever. Nearly 25% of sinusitis patients will experience fever associated with sinusitis suffered. Other symptoms such as pale, discoloration of the nose, nasal congestion, painful swallowing, and coughing. Some patients will experience headaches intensified when the head inclined forward. In sinusitis due to allergy sufferers will also experience other symptoms associated with allergies such as itchy eyes and sneezing.

Complications of sinusitis

Complications of sinusitis are more common in children than in adults. If your child has sinusitis and had swelling around the cheekbones or eyelids, it may be a bacterial infection of the skin and soft tissue or infection of the tissues surrounding the eye.

If the condition is severe, antibiotics are often able to control the spread of infection to the bone nearby. However, in very rare cases (about one in 10,000), the infection can spread to the area around the eyes, bones, blood or brains

How to treat sinusitis?

Sinusitis if treated early with proper treatment will heal well.

  • Sinusitis due to viruses: For sinusitis are caused by viruses not required antibiotics. Drugs commonly prescribed for viral sinusitis are pain relievers such as paracetamol and a decongestant.
  • Bacterial sinusitis: Sinusitis is an infection by the bacteria when there is any pain in the face, snot pus, and symptoms that occur more than a week. Sinusitis is a bacterial infection is generally treated using antibiotics. The selection of antibiotics based on the type of bacteria that most commonly affects the sinus due to get a true fit antibiotics should wait for the results of bacteria culture that takes a long time.

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