Secrets of Noni Fruit

Secrets of Noni Fruit

It smells a little sting, but the benefits are great.

Morinda citrifolia or noni fruit famous for it prevents cancer. This fruit contains large amounts of bioactive phytochemicals.

Iridoid substances is a major phytochemical content. This was revealed by Brett West, director of the Research Center for Tahitian Noni International, USA.

“Iridoid proven to neutralize harmful free radicals, maintain good cholesterol (HDL) at normal levels, increase energy, heart health, boost the immune system, support healthy joints, and many more,” said Brett.

In addition, the noni fruit can also treat skin health, because last iridoid substances suppress the production of melanin, smooth skin tones and effective in preventing skin cancer from excessive sun exposure. Well, ready for consumption noni fruit? (ins)

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