Secrets For Not Easily Sick

Secrets For Not Easily Sick

Wish you could be one healthy person? Try one or all of the following secrets, as reported in the site Msn (03/01).

1. Massage.

Several studies have shown that massage can reduce anxiety levels, lower blood pressure and heart rate. Massage can also relieve stress which ultimately have an impact on improving the immune system.

Note: There is no research that claimed many, but experts say once a month is enough to help.

2. Cold shower.

The study claims a cold shower helps relieve migraine, blood circulation, maximize energy and reduce pain.

Note: bath for 10 minutes is enough. Consult your doctor if you have cardiovascular problems due to cold temperatures can cause a spike in blood pressure.

3. Utilizing ginger.

For centuries, ginger has been known as a purgative. Researchers believe that compounds in ginger can stimulate digestive secretions, improve intestinal muscle, and helping to move food in the digestive tract.

Note: Take a bit of ginger and put in tea or eaten directly is the best way. But using ginger in a worthy, such as cooked, as well as effective.

4. Wash your hands.

Washing hands is mandatory action fend flu virus invasion and diarrhea.

Note: Wash hands with soap and warm water at least 20 seconds. Rub all parts of your hand, not only palms but also check the nails. Then dry with a dry tissue.

5. Positive thinking.

In a study revealed that people who always think positive can increase activity in the area that eventually scrambled to produce more antibodies.

Note: Changing personality gradually become the best way.

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