Seafood Could Cure Sensitive Teeth?

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Natural glue used to stick shells on the rocks claimed to be an alternative cure sensitive teeth.

Sticky secretions sea creature has inspired scientists to create a similar compound to repair damaged teeth.

Quoted from the Daily Mail, Saturday (5/1), three out of four people have teeth sensitive to hot, cold, sweet or sour foods. This condition occurs due to outer enamel and soft dentine inside the tooth is damaged thereby stimulating the nerves in it.

Chewing sugar free and some toothpaste claimed to be able relieve the pain they cause. But they do not really cure sensitive teeth.

Researchers from Anhui Medical University China Quan-Li Li was looking for a substance that can restore both the enamel and dentin at the same time.

They were inspired by the mussel glue issued to stick on the rocks. They create the material from polidopamine mixed with calcium and phosphate.

The breakthrough came after a study last year that showed human teeth as strong as shark teeth. This research can help design dentures strong.

The scientists made the surprising discovery after comparing the microstructure of human and shark teeth. Shark tooth dentin has an elastic interior and hard outer layer of enamel. While humans have a much softer enamel.

This discovery will help researchers to design dentures stronger than today. “Someone will be able to get dentures made from natural ingredients and more powerful,” said researchers from the University of Duisburg-Essen, Matthias Epple, Germany.

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