Scared to death, Patient with elephant scrotum refused surgery

Scared to death, Patient with elephant scrotum refused surgery

Though doctors have guaranteed his safety.

October last year, a man from Las Vegas had horrendous news, because it has 100 pounds (45.35 kg) Scrotum. He appeared in the media to raise funds for the operation to be done.

The man named Wesley Warren Jr., has a very strange condition on his scrotum. Protective Pouch testicles grow bigger than the normal size, even bigger than a watermelon. He wraps his scrotum is.

He was diagnosed with scrotal elephantiasis. Conditions where he experienced swelling caused by fluid in the scrotum. Usually it is caused by a parasitic infection from mosquitoes hinder part of the body’s lymphatic system.

This causes swelling when fluid collects in the tissues. However, doctors found no trace of infectious diseases in the blood.

But Warren admitted, what he suffered caused by accidentally hitting himself with his feet his testicles when he woke up in 2008. He believes, because of that, lymph nodes rupture.

The man who is now 47 years old, said the pain did not last long. All back to normal, until one day he was surprised to see his scrotum swelled up as big as a soccer ball.

He then immediately went to the doctor. By doctors then administered antibiotics for two Munggu because it is believed an infection. But instead of improving, scrotum owned by Warren even getting bigger. He then consulted with lymphedema specialist doctors, but to no avail. At that time he started to give up.

Heavy testicles Warren certainly difficult to move, even he was difficult to urinate. In daily life, it uses boxes milk storage and pillows to prop up his scrotum.

Who wants to live like this.

When walking in public, he always gets the attention of many people, even the coarse talk. He also claimed not to have se*.

“I really want to have a relationship with a woman. I should be fine,” he told reporters.

Swelling, however, developed into a very large size and cause it not to work. He resigned by reason of disability.

Warren then given information about the operation that could help him. This requires redundant network cut and reconstructive surgery to save his penis and testicles.

For operation takes no small amount of money. Warren then went public with the condition. He even made a Facebook page and appeared on the Howard Stern Show and the Comedy Central program Tosh.

“I do not want to be a freak. Who are people who want to?, But I think Stern show watched by millions of people among them who may want to help me,” he said.

But surprisingly, this time Warren even refused a donation of $1 million for operating costs were collected.

Media Las Vegas Review wrote, if Dr. Oz Show, a television program offers to pay all operating costs in return, can only be interviewed exclusively about the illness story Warren.

According to some media, Warren has rejected it as mind if he could not speak at other events. He himself preached signed program schedule appeared on The Learning Channel, and agreed to be subject to documentary film making Fire Cracker Films from the UK.

Search for popularity?

Came up with the face of depression, but some media wrote now Warren seemed to enjoy popularity.

Warren also denied that she refused the operation because it wants to cash. He refused for fear of losing his life.

In fact, Las Vegas Review Journal writes that doctors are very confident, the operation will be a success.

He said he would make a decision when it is ready for operation and denied clearly, he is more concerned with popularity.

“Who wants to live like this. But I do not want to die too,” he said.

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