Researchers Test Drugs That May Help Humans “Longevity”

Drugs that may help humans long life

United States – Researchers from GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceutical companies trying to make a drug that could help cure heart disease, cancer, and diabetes using the basic ingredients of synthetic substances resveratrol. Claimed the researchers, if continued investigation, these drugs can help extend the life of its users.

Resveratrol is a substance found in red wine. Resveratrol helps propel the protein SIRT1 enzyme activity which is anti-aging agent. Researchers from the firm had to be made ​​of synthetic resveratrol content of bulk drugs.

Professor genetic origin Harvard University David Sinclair said, in fact, this medicine will help cure a disease, but, unlike the existing drugs on the market, the drug will help prevent 20 diseases. Other effects, delay aging.

SIRT1 will work naturally by the body limiting intake and regular exercise, but can also be activated by certain things, especially resveratrol.

Although resveratrol-related research has been done for decades, but only now this substance is actually used to help the body in the form of the drug.

According to Sinclair, the farmaseutikal history, there has never been a drug created to encourage enzymes work faster.

Writing in the journal Science, Sinclair explains, from the experiments are found, these drugs can provide health benefits similar to diet and exercise, however, did not have an impact on body weight.

A study using this drug in people with type 2 diabetes and the condition of the skin disease psoriasis. The results of the study found that in patients with diabetes seen an increase in metabolism and in the psoriasis group visible reduction in inflammation in the skin.

Generally, drugs are sold in the market will give a ban to be consumed by people with certain conditions, but Sinclair said, one day, these drugs can be taken orally as disease prevention.

Added Sinclair, from his research on mice with excess weight, the obese mice were given these drugs can run as far as lean mice, even has a life span of 15 percent longer than lean mice. From here, it is estimated Sinclair, when investigated further and continue to be refined, this drug could one day help humans “long life”.

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