Relieve Stress Through Herbal Aroma

Relieve Stress Through Herbal Aroma

Stress is known to have many negative effects, ranging from personal life, career, until health.

If you’re experiencing, before deciding to take the drugs, it’s worth trying some exercises to relieve stress and calm the mind.

One can try is to have a trusted herbal therapies to relieve stress naturally efficacy.

So, what are the powerful herbs to relieve the stress? Here’s the explanation, as quoted from page Boldsky.

This plant is often called a super herb through the workings of the hormonal system and stimulating the immune system. Typically, Lavender essential oil is used to massage the body and soothe the skin. Another way is to consume in the form of lavender tea. Lavender-scented air freshener perfume is also effective for releasing tension.

In addition to alleviate the effects of fever, Chamomile flowers can be used as an air freshener that gives a calming effect. While the cream with the scent of Chamomile will relieve stress and make skin more radiant.

This nutritious herb relaxes tense muscles. Ancient Greek society using rosemary as garnish flowers on their heads as it has a relaxing effect on the head.

Green Tea
A cup of green tea can relieve stress. This is due to thiamine amino acid in green tea is proven to reduce stress hormones. In order for the maximum benefits, you are advised to drink at least 3-4 cups of green tea a day. In addition, green tea is also suitable for you who want to look healthy and slim, because this beverage is able to release some calories body.

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