Relaxation can help calm down when stress

Relaxation can help calm down when stress

Stress can give a good effect but also vice versa. According to Prof. Kathy Sykes, the BBC website, the stress can be caused by a series of bad and good experiences. When you feel stress over things that are around, the body responds by releasing chemicals into the blood stream.

These chemicals give more strength and stamina to instantly boost energy levels and suppress pain or hunger. This situation is very useful to save lives when the pressure caused by the emergence of real physical danger.

Unfortunately, stress is also a bad influence for us. Especially when the response to this chemical is not really needed. This condition usually occurs as a result of the pressures of life now.

Stress affects the body as well as mind. When you feel depressed, heart rate increase and feel the tension in the muscles. Stress can have a serious impact on daily life and lead to depression and anxiety.

So how to overcome this? The first step to consider is to recognize early symptoms can vary between individuals. These symptoms include headaches, anxiety, sleeplessness, or irritability. After knowing the symptoms, a number of steps can be taken, such as:

1. Changing a habit of doing the job. Should do the task or job one by one, not all at once in one time.

This will help reduce stress. Doing the work one at a time will also provide an opportunity for myself to focus on things that worked.

2. Out of the daily routine. Stay away from things that trigger stress, if only for a few moments. This will make a difference and space for us to see things in different contexts.

3. Enough sleep. Sleeping in sufficient quantities to be the best way to restore the mind and body after experiencing stress.

4. Adoption of a healthy lifestyle. Rather than divert stress by consuming alcoholic beverages, smoking, or overeating, it is better to do physical activity. Not only makes the body becomes better, stress can also subside.

5. Perform relaxation and breath deeply. This will help to calm down and ease the burden of stress that is being felt.

6. Contact your doctor immediately if the symptoms are more severe stress.

7. Most importantly, look for the best way to cope with stress. Be patient with yourself and be realistic about the things you will accomplish.

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