Quality Toys Optimize Child Development

Quality Toys Optimize Child Development

The world of children is play. Therefore playing, games, and toys to be the most appropriate means to stimulate all aspects of capabilities that must be developed in the child, especially in the first five years of life.

Through toys, children’s brain can be developed to the fullest. Children will learn through cause and effect toys, develop problem-solving skills, motor skills, cognitive, and so on.

Quality toys, according to Carrie Lupoli was instrumental in developing a child’s brain optimally. Unfortunately the quality toys is often not cheap.

Parenting expert from Singapore, Carrie Lupoli warned parents not to be discouraged if you can not provide expensive toys.

“Take advantage of what items are there in the house. Boxes, cardboard, household appliances can to play,” said the bachelor of science degree in special education, a graduate of the University of Connecticut, USA.

Carrie was frequently invited his two daughters to cook at the kitchen. Activity was a means for him to perform stimulation in a fun way.

“Stirring the batter or set the table before the meal is quite appealing to children, and at that time the parents can incorporate into a child’s knowledge, not just information” he said.

He pointed out, would be very different when the children learn about apples just from the picture, compared to when the child holds true apples. Child’s brain will be filled with the knowledge of apple texture, aroma, and taste.

In addition to toys, the involvement of parents was much more important to provide the best upbringing for their children. “Do parenting interactive and fun. Closeness relationships between parents and children will ensure the child’s success in the future,” he said.

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