Prevent Stroke With Watermelon Fruit

Prevent Stroke With Watermelon Fruit

Various fruits and vegetables are known to contain a variety of nutrients that are found to have efficacy in the treatment or prevention of various diseases. These include preventing stroke.

A stroke can be prevented by eating some fruits that contain elements of high lycopene or a type of antioxidant.

It is based on research conducted by scientists from Finland, that the impact on the people who eat fruit with high lycopene is going to keep him away from a stroke.

The volunteers who had high amounts of lycopene in their blood, or have a habit of eating fruits and vegetables with high lycopene, have a greater resistance to the risk of stroke.

Other research findings published in the BBC also showed that volunteers who were followed for 12 years showed differences in the risk of stroke.

Those with low levels of lycopene in their blood had more chance of stroke than those with higher levels of lycopene.

Characteristics of fruit that has a high content of lycopene was bright red. For example, watermelon, tomatoes, cherries, guava and pepper.

The conclusion of these studies is to consume lots of fruits with lycopene can reduce the risk of stroke by 50%.

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