Prevent Nosocomial with Hand Washing

Prevent Nosocomial with Hand Washing

Nosocomial, a cross-infection occurring between medics and patients held in hospital.

Nosocomial infection is one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality in the world. WHO data shows nosocomial infections cause 1.4 million deaths worldwide every day.

In Indonesia, a study conducted in 11 hospitals in Jakarta (2004) showed 9.8 percent of hospitalized patients receive nosocomial infections, which include medical officers (doctors, nurses, laboratory personnel and administration), patients and hospital visitors – they are the most vulnerable to nosocomial infections.

“This disease can be prevented by custom medical practitioners to better keep starting hand wash only, followed by the patients and hospital visitors.” said Dr. Robert Priest Sutedja as Chairman of the General and Public Relations Compartment PERSI to Ghiboo team at the event in the Ballroom pelumcuran Lifebuoy Kempinski, Jakarta some time ago.

“The need for education and socialization of hand hygiene by washing hands with soap (CTPS) is useful to prevent the spread of germs and nosocomial infections. Discipline for hand washing.” he added.

“The spread of the virus or nosocomial infection is of particular concern, because the impact can cause infections such as infectious diarrhea, respiratory and skin.” said Dr. Imam Sutedja.

According to him, diarrhea also occupy the top spot for 10 patterns of most diseases of inpatients at the Hospital of Indonesia, while for outpatient infections upper respiratory tract, skin diseases and diarrhea in the top four in the 10 patterns of most diseases.

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