Prevent and Overcome Hyperglycemia

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Hyperglycemia after eating a phenomenon that often occurs in diabetes type-1 and type-2. Ideally, blood sugar levels after eating no more than 140 mg/dL.

In the guide created the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), post-meal hyperglycemia is defined as a plasma glucose of more than 140 mg/dL, two hours after eating. Post-meal hyperglycemia was allegedly most responsible for the emergence of complications of coronary heart disease in people with diabetes.

Incidence of hyperglycemia is usually due to eating poorly controlled elections. Therefore, diabetics should be more selective in choosing food, especially if you’re hanging out with friends.

Actually, not just the matter of selection of dining alone, the lack of proper insulin dose or lack of sleep can also disrupt blood sugar levels post-meal. Similarly, when diabetics eat late.

The explanation, when late to eat, the body may develop hypoglycemia. When dining, the choice of food eaten become erratic, blood sugar levels soaring.

Therefore, self blood sugar testing is important to help patients understand selection food and portion size meal. In addition, self blood sugar testing to be an important component of the blood sugar monitor strategies that are effective in detecting and managing post-meal hyperglycemia.

Even in practice, diabetics experiencing hyperglycemia, the IDF gave a number of suggestions that could be done.

Drink more water. Water helps remove excess sugar from the blood and helps prevent dehydration.

Changing diet. Immediately contact a dietitian to change the amount and type of food eaten.

Changing medications. Health care workers can change the amount, timing, or type of diabetes drugs consumed. Just be sure to not make adjustments diabetes medication without consulting first with the health workers.

Understand dietary carbohydrate foods and count the total consumed.

Regular blood sugar tests.

Understand when to immediately contact health care when experiencing problems.

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