Noteworthy During Menstruation

Noteworthy During Menstruation

Though it may seem trivial, the following things can be dangerous if not properly addressed!

Diligent Replace Dressings.

During menstruation, change the bandage every 2-4 hours. Because the liquid being stored in pads, either blood or sweat, moisture creates highly preferred by the bacteria.

This can lead to irritation and abnormal vaginal discharge. And F.Y.I. honey, abnormal vaginal discharge is a major cause of infertility in Indonesia!

Rinse with True.

Clean Miss Cheerful from front to back so that the germs contained in the section near the anus does not move forward. This method also applies when dry ya. And if you want to repeat the drying time remaining water in the se* organs, do not forget to fold cloth dryer so as not to repeat in the same place.

Importance of Hand Washing.

You must be used to wash your hands after handling the area of ​​femininity. But from now on, you should also try to get used to wash hands before touching Miss Cheerful. Do not let the se* organs are infected due to dirty your hands.

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