Most Extreme Dental Trends

Most Extreme Dental Trends

There’s just that people do to make it look attractive.

In fact, teeth are part of the body is small and somewhat secretive did not escape attention.

We summarize some extreme trends on the teeth that occurs in several countries. You ready?

Front teeth missing Trend in Africa

In Cape Town, South Africa, have a missing front tooth is a trend that interests him. Originally, the tradition was started by the fishermen who intentionally to revoke teeth can whistle (communicate) with each other on the ship.

Now, even a toothless smile trend among young people called ‘Cape Flats Smile‘. Friedling Jacqui from the University of Cape Town explained that fashion and peer pressure the main reason for African youth to revoke some of his teeth to make it look cool and handsome.

Lost a lot of front teeth can interfere with the function of speech or pronunciation is not clear. Conditions missing teeth can also cause discomfort when chewing food, thus making the body’s nutritional intake is reduced.

Front teeth loose Trends in America

You have gap between her two front teeth? Do not be shy! According to The Wall Street Journal, have loose front tooth is one thing that coveted the model in New York. As Tyra Banks and singer Madonna, is one of the ‘victims’.

Unfortunately, the gap between the teeth with a tooth can make food stuck between the teeth gap, leading to more serious dental problems. Or it can inhibit the growth of the jaw with a right.

Vampire teeth Trends in Japan

The latest trend of Japanese cosmetic dentistry is ‘Yaeba’ aka vampire teeth. Having a longer canine teeth and sharp is believed to make a person look more attractive and sweet, vampire teeth from impressions that are identical to the blood thirsty, evil and scary.

Taro Masuoka, TYB48 members, became the first first sparked this trend and make Japanese girl suddenly flocking to the clinic to have canine tooth made either temporary or permanent. Only by paying 200-500 dollars, a person can have vampire teeth. In the operation process yaeba, adding small canine dentist fake teeth attached.

Adding false canine teeth overlap must instead create a controversy. “Teeth have holes to allow oxygen to enter. Covering them is bad for dental health,” said renowned specialist dentist Japan, Masaru Iwatsuki.

Tattoos teeth Trends in India

Tattoos on the body, it’s stale. Now, tattoos in the tooth to be a trend in some countries. Dental tattoos are not new among hip hop singer and rapper America. Typically, in a tattoo, the skin should be punctured using a needle. However, in a tattoo, tooth enamel coated not use needles, but only painted it.

“Tooth enamel is a very smooth surface and if the tattoo is not done professionally, can cause dental caries. However, by maintaining good dental hygiene, it could have been avoided,” said dental surgeon, Dr. K. Nagesh.

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