Married Make More Long Age

Married Make More Long Age

Age is a secret of God, but there are many ways you can do to obtain long life, such as doing a healthy lifestyle, exercise and so diligent. One other way to get a long life is to get married.

The results of this latest study released by Newsmaxhealth. The team of researchers from Duke University Medical Center, North Carolina suggests that married people can improve well being in middle age, well-being is related to health. Conversely, if a person chooses not to marry have three times the chance of dying sooner than their counterparts who were married.

The study also found that being single after age 40 or not having a partner (spouse after a divorce or death) will increase the risk of early death in middle age. Another advantage for married couples is change unhealthy behaviors, such as not smoking or stop drinking alcohol.

“Having a partner during middle age is a form of protection,” he explained Ilene Siegler, one of the researchers.

One cause of this is a lifestyle change after marriage. Someone who has been married tend to choose healthier foods, have more families and pushing for health care for each.

So ladies .. make your wedding as a place to live healthy happy :)

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