Krokodil Drugs, Narcotics Killer from Russia

Krokodil Drugs, Narcotics Killer from Russia

Ever heard of Krokodil Drugs? If not, then it is only natural because it is the name of a new kind of narcotics from Russia. That creates a new type of drug is the alias Junkies drug users who have difficulty finding narcotics like heroin in that country.

Like Indonesia, on Russian anti-narcotics program runs a very tight until the Junkies or addict difficulty finding various types of narcotics.

Finally, they try to mix and create their own new types of drugs derived from readily available materials such as codeine, iodine, hydrochloric acid, red phosphorus, and gasoline.

Various materials are blended and the result is a new type of drug that is deadly nicknamed Krokodil Drugs.

Origin of the word Krokodil Drugs is from crocodile. This is due to the effect caused by the use of narcotics that make the wearer skin becomes stiff, and green scaly skin like a crocodile.

Effect caused by the use of narcotic Drugs Krokodil similar to the effects that arise when using heroin or narcotic expensive. For example hallucinations, depressant, addictive, and also create feelings of happiness aka stimulant.

But it will only feel 1-2 hours. While the time required for dispensing medicine is about 1-2 hours as well..

The user only spends time to mix, use, and drunk, then mix again throughout the day.

The damage caused by this drug is, disruption of the endocrine system, musculoskeletal disorders, damaged bone tissue, nervous system, kidney and liver damage.

Reported by The Independent, when the drug injected into the skin, the skin will change color to green, scaly, and crusty. The blood vessels are exposed to the effects of this drug may break up and make the surrounding skin tissue to die.

In severe stages, then skin and flesh addicts Krokodil Drugs will be off like melted and resulted in disability and death. It was certainly very, very sick and you certainly will choose better death if to feel it.

It’s horrible. Therefore, you should never even touch the name Krokodil Drugs, or any kind of narcotic.

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