Keeping Child’s Energy with Healthy Food Sources It

Keeping Child's Energy with Healthy Food Sources It

Not only keep the kids stay energized, healthy food is also necessary for growth.

Children burn calories and nutrients into their bodies quickly. For that reason, parents need to be learned about how to keep their bodies remain filled with a number of sources of healthy food to maintain their health and energy.

The trick? Here are tips to keep kids stay energized.


Although water is not a nutrient, water is essential to the health of children. Water helps keep the body cool during exercise to keep moving and keep nutrients in the whole body so that they can get what it takes to move. Children have high fluid requirements and they tend to ignore the early signs of thirst. Therefore, encourage them to drink water frequently. Make sure they carry supplies drinking water while at school or while activity.


Calorie is the enemy for adults, but for children of primary school age, they require about 1600 to 2200 calorie per day to maintain health, energy, and growth. Calories should be provided through healthy food, instead of candy or fast food.

Substance Iron

Substance iron is an element that is often lacking in children’s bodies, especially as the increasing number of fast food consumption by children. Make sure children get enough iron from red meat, chicken, turkey, Dark green vegetables such as spinach.


Calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth, especially during childhood as the body grows rapidly. Although milk and dairy products are good sources of calcium, but calcium is also found in broccoli, kale, spinach, green beans, and orange.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are just as important to keep your energy and immune system. The best way to provide the nutritional needs of the children is to encourage them to eat a variety of healthy foods every day. Limit consumption of fast food, and multiply eat fruits, vegetables, and drink the juice.

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