Itchy Breasts Do not Scratch!

Itchy Breasts Do Carded!

The itching that often appear around the breast does look trivial. However, whether you are not embarrassed if you have to scratch it in public?

The emergence of itching in the breast may be related to hormonal changes during pregnancy or menstruation. Less breast hygiene and poor diet can also cause breast itching.

It’s good, do not scratch the itch so as not to leave marks. But know some of the best ways to cope with itchy breasts, as reported by the Lady Health Care (Monday, 03/11).

1. Bathe regularly. May use warm water but do not soak too long well. Wash the body with soap and dry with a dry towel to prevent fungal and bacterial infections in the breast area.

2. Wash bra. A bra that has been used all day will be a source of bacteria and fungi. Moreover, the skin of the breast area is very sensitive. Then, wash your dirty bra.

Noteworthy is the bra should be washed and rinsed very clean. Exposure to chemicals, such as detergents, can also cause breast redness, itching and a rash.

3. Bra size. Women should wear a bra that fit the size of her breasts. If using a bra too small, then there is no room for the breast skin to breathe.

And if wearing a bra too big, then the bra will rub the skin and there was a rash and itching. Choose a bra with soft materials, such as cotton. To minimize this problem itchy breasts, the bra should be removed during the night.

4. Keep the humidity. If necessary, use a moisturizer regularly in the breast area to prevent dryness in the skin. May buy moisturizing cream and lotion on the market. However, you should not buy a moisturizer for sensitive skin with fragrance.

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