Is it true hallucinations including dangerous mental disorder?

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Have you ever heard the term mental hallucination? In the world there is the so-called nursing psychiatric nursing, hallucinations including one of the psychiatric problems. There are so many types of hallucinations, but before we find out first what was hallucination.

Understanding hallucination is a sensory perception or response in the absence of stimulation (stimulus) from the outside (external). Usually patients perceive something that does not happen. Hallucinations are not only occur in people who have mental health problems, but it can happen to everyone. For example, suddenly saw a person or object that is not recognized by others.

What is the cause hallucinations?

  • People with schizophrenia
  • There is a lesion in the frontal
  • Some chemicals in the brain that excessive
  • Violence
  • Poverty
  • Life is isolated
  • Of resistance in the environment around the patient
  • Severe depression
  • The use of illegal drugs
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Lack of sleep

Signs and symptoms of hallucinations

  • Pulling away, avoid others
  • Choleric
  • Smiling, talking to myself
  • Nervous, scared, tense faces
  • Talks chaotic, sometimes absurd
  • Suspicious and hostile attitudes
  • Blame yourself / others
  • Can damage yourself, others and the environment
  • Can not distinguish between real and unreal
  • Unable to focus attention / concentration
  • It’s hard to make a decision
  • Fear
  • Sometimes pale red face
  • Were unwilling or unable to perform self-care such as bathing, brushing teeth, changing clothes

The types of hallucinations

  • Auditory hallucinations (acoustic, auditory), for example, one hears the talk about him, mocked, laughed at, or threatened when there is no noise in the vicinity. Dangerous is if the voice commands someone to do something (command hallucinations) that could harm them or others. Hallucinations type is very much the case.
  • Vision hallucinations (visual), for example, suddenly saw a person, animal, or thing that others do not see. Visual hallucinations sometimes fun, sometimes scary.
  • Breathe hallucinations (olfactory). Hallucinations are rare types. Usually patients experience hallucinations, said odors smell like the smell of flowers, the smell of incense, the smell of dead bodies, that there is no source.
  • Hallucinations of taste (gustatorik). It usually occurs in conjunction with hallucinations smell / inhale. The patient feels (to taste) a taste in his mouth.
  • Allusion hallucinations (tactile, kinaestatik). A person concerned feels no one else is touched or hit. If this is incoherent hallucinations se*ual stimulation, this is called hallucinations heptik.

How to cope with hallucinations

  • Construct a trusting relationship with the patient
  • Patients should be trained in how to rebuke hallucinations. But before the patient should first be taught to recognize the disorder meaning, content and type of hallucination that it was derived from itself.
  • Concentration, draw a deep breath
  • Controlling hallucinations with conversing with others.
  • Implement treatment programs doctor
  • Perform routine activities by scheduling regular
  • Avoid daydreaming

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