Is it True Eat Corn Make Fat?

Is it True Eat Corn Make Fat?

Enjoy both shelled corn and corn on the cob corn is delicious. Moreover, if the air is cold, corn has always been an indulgent snack stomach.

Corn also present a menu of food that graced the party, such as a barbecue, New Year’s Eve party, and so forth.

Even so, some people present at the party was averse to eating corn. “Nah, I’ll plump,” he said. From this comes the question that intrigued us, Is it true that corn can make a person fat.

And, the information was discovered we quoted from Indiatimes, below.

Corn nutritional info

  • Corn on the cob calories 1/3 lower than corn chips or popcorn.
  • Calories contained in corn about 125 calories / 100 grams.
  • There are 5 grams of protein content in it.
  • And little fat.

That is, the corn is healthy and good to eat. Even much better than rice.

Not satisfied with the information, we find info other supporters of diet and health research consultant Bangalore, Sheela Krishawamy. According to him, maize contains carbohydrates that are good for the body that need donations of energy. High nutrition, corn is rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B5 and vitamin C that can help fight disease and regenerate new cells in the body.

The high fiber helps facilitate digestion, and corn are also good for diabetics because it can keep your blood sugar to remain stable.

So, Is the popcorn is also good for health?

Popcorn is good for health, and categorized as a healthy snack. However, lately there are developments in the culinary world, and these findings have led to additional popcorn flavorings and sugar.

Well, this is what causes popcorn to be less healthy and calorie levels increase.

Whether corn can make a person fat?

Could, if consumed in excess, and how to cook it is to be fried. By default, butter, or oil used for processing will provide additional injections of fat and calories, this is why eating corn can cause obesity.

However, when served with boiled corn, the corn is much more healthy and do not lead to obesity.

Select the corn which is best?

When linked with health and diet, of course corn on the cob is the best because it is much lower calories. In addition, high fiber will help facilitate digestion, so you do not have to worry when eating corn on the cob.

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