Immediately Clean Your Teeth After Consuming 7 These Foods

Illustration of the type of food that is not good for the teeth.

Basically, brushing teeth, using dental floss and rinse, it has been understood as an effort to preserve and maintain basic oral health. Similarly, maintaining a healthy diet and “friendly” to the tooth.

Actually maybe, almost all the food of course, remains to be cleared on the teeth. However, as noted, and suggested by a number of oral health experts, some foods and drinks, in fact much worse effect on teeth than others.

That is, not at all should not be consumed, especially since some types are actually beneficial to health. But what is required is that eating foods / beverages of this type must be immediately followed by a dental cleaning step, in this case especially gargling and brushing teeth.

What kind of food/drink? Here are 7 (seven) major types of food/beverage to be aware of:

1. Dried fruits.

Although dried fruit is clearly better than the processed fruit snack factory, still this is a sticky foods also have a high sugar content. “I’m not saying not to eat them, but make sure you brush your teeth after eating them,” said Joy Dubost of the American Academy of Nutrition and Diet.

2. Drinks are sugar coated.

Drinks containing sugar, such as soft drinks and sports drinks, will particularly bad impact on teeth when consumed over a period long enough. Mentioned, if someone drank soft drinks or sports drinks, and drink it every 20 minutes, the tooth in question is believed to be bathed by a constant layer of acid.

3. Hard candy.

Same with evil consume soft drinks, Dubost said that the hard candy is not good for dental health. There are two major ugliness of the candy, which is not just sticking to the teeth, but also can fill the mouth with sugar when I have to suck-suck to melt/shrink.

4. Alcohol.

Perhaps not many people know that alcohol, in addition to being good for the body and consciousness in general, also was not good for the health of the mouth and teeth. Because alcohol can cause a reduction in saliva production (saliva) as a natural material that maintain the condition of your teeth and mouth. To note, two of the main functions of saliva is washed away leftover food particles, as well as being protective of acid.

5. Lemons and acidic foods.

Foods that contain high concentrations of acid, such as lime, lemon or tomato too, are known to cause decreased endurance gear, especially when consumed separately granted. Lemon in particular, not only contains a high acid, but also sugar. But the problem can be resolved, as long as we immediately rinse with water after eating them, in order to neutralize the acid.

6. Snacks were air-amylum.

This type of food, such as the potato chips or bread, usually will easily get stuck in your teeth or sticky between them. That certainly would be a source of spread of bacteria that will damage the teeth. For information, amylum is a kind of carbohydrate that contains glucose in large amounts together by glycosidic bonds.

7. Coffee.

Beverages such as coffee and tea, it’s not only the potential to change the color or the appearance of teeth, but also make teeth more sticky. This condition is certainly not good if left, it will facilitate the attachment of particles other leftovers.

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