How to Treat Warts with Natural and Modern

In previous articles we’ve discussed a bit about the wart or verruca. Now we will discuss about how to treat warts? There are actually several types of warts disappear on their own without treatment. But there is also the warts that are settled. Both warts that persist or intermittent course very disturbing looks.

Treatment of warts in a modern

How to Treat Warts with Natural and ModernTreatment of warts using salicylic acid and lactic acid

In verruca vulgaris or warts that often arise in the area of the hands, nails, knees, face and head will go away by itself within 2 years. To accelerate the disappearance of warts can be applied to the solution or use a plaster containing salicylic acid and lactic acid. Salicylic acid will penetrate deeper and work better when salicylic acid is used on damp or wet skin, it is advisable to use a salicylic acid after a shower.

Treatment of warts using liquid nitrogen

Your doctor may use liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart. This treatment is called cryotherapy. Applying liquid nitrogen to the wart causes a little discomfort. To remove a wart, liquid nitrogen treatments may be done 2-4 times per day for 1 to 3 weeks. If there is no improvement, the doctor may recommend another type of treatment.

Treatment of warts with electrodesikasi

Treatment of warts with an electric current or laser surgery can destroy the wart, but it can cause scarring. These treatments are usually recommended for warts powerful that can not neat or clean with any other treatment.

Treatment of warts traditional / natural

  • How to Treat Warts with Natural and ModernWhere once before many know there are chemicals that do traditional wart treatment plants. One of them is with god leaves. The content of the god leaves flavonoids, saponins, essential oils. The trick, puree 5 pieces of god leaf and smear the warty skin, then wrapped.
  • Distance is very potent herbs overcome skin diseases like warts. The steps and treatment of warts on the skin as follows. Apply leaf sap distance to the affected area of skin warts, and the way this is done regularly basting every day.

But we need to know for the treatment of warts depending on the type, heavy or light, location and duration of warts grow. Therefore should the patient should immediately see a specialist for treatment according to the condition of the patient. Especially if you suffer from warts on the genital area. Do not try to treat it yourself without specialist advice.

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