How To Remove Moles Naturally with Garlic

How To Remove Moles Naturally with Garlic

For some people the moles on body parts usually provide functions to beautify or embellish the part. But there are also some people who think moles may interfere with one’s appearance. Before discussing how to remove moles naturally, we need to know first what is a mole?

Moles is a collection of dark pigment cells that grow in the area of the skin. The shape varies, there is a flat to the skin, there is also a standout. The size also varies, some just look like dots, but there is also a diameter up to 0.5 inches.

Moles are divided into two types namely mole that lives and dies. Live mole is a mole that can be enlarges, and the dead moles is moles remain small. Moles that can be enlarges, the problem of everyone, let alone grow in the parts that are not we want.

How to remove a mole

Many offer an instant way, cheap and easy, but Is it was safe and successful? Some people choose how to remove moles with surgery, and laser surgery who he said is safer despite the high cost. Eliminates moles without harming the skin or go to the doctor to perform surgical removal, is not as difficult as you think. Many people have managed to find simple ways to get rid of moles.

How to remove moles naturally

How to remove moles naturally need patience and perseverance it takes time, unlike the instant way like surgery. Garlic is best used to remove moles.

First of all clean the garlic from its skin and pounded until fairly smooth and runny. Put the garlic collision above a mole. Then, so as not splattered use bandages to wrap the area. Do it 3 times a day for a month. When you feel the irritation around moles, use vaseline oil to relieve irritation. But remember every action there must be a risk, immediately consult a specialist doctor if irritation persists.

But the mole-risk tumors should be treated by a specialist, immediately before the metastasis or spread to other body parts.

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