Hot weather can cause stroke

Hot weather can cause stroke

Communities are expected to be aware of the current hot weather hit several areas in the country. Because the hot weather not only can cause diaper rash and respiratory infections, but also trigger stroke risk.

Specialists in internal medicine, Dr. Umar Zein, in Medan, North Sumatra, said the hot air that is too high can lead to dehydration and fainting. This is what causes “heat stroke“, which is a serious threat because it can result in death or disability fatal.

Heat stroke, common in high temperature environments and makes dehydrated and fainting. Generally, these conditions occur in hot regions such as the low humidity in Saudi Arabia, there are people who do not sweat because the sweat evaporates so he was dehydrated and fainted. but if in Indonesia, we sweat a lot and made ​​us thirsty so that heat stroke is rare, “he said.

However, he said, the weather is hot with high humidity such as Indonesia does not directly lead to a stroke, but only trigger or trigger stroke.

“If the weather is hot in Indonesia does not indirectly cause a stroke, or blood vessels resulting solution. Yet, just as the trigger is already narrowed blood vessels become clogged due to dehydration,” he said.

The risk factors for stroke, such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and high blood fat levels and ages are susceptible to stroke in general is adulthood.

According to him, in order to overcome this is to do with controlling the risk factors, for example, if diabetes to be lowered sugar levels, hypertension, blood pressure should be lowered, and if for some blood lipid levels should also lowered cholesterol levels by keeping the food, diet and exercise .

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