Hidden Dangers In Lipstick

Hidden Dangers In Lipstick

Lead and petrochemicals contained in lipstick can affect health and premature aging.

Most women can not get away from makeup.

No wonder when the weather susceptible to various skin complaints because often interact with many chemicals contained in cosmetics.

One that is often used women’s cosmetics is lipstick. Cosmetics that make lips look fresh, bright and attractive, according to the researchers, it contains many chemicals that can be harmful to the health of the skin and body.

Want to know what chemicals are contained in a lipstick? Here’s his review as quoted Boldsky on Tuesday (27/11).

1. Lead

Lead is a poisonous metal that can damage the body. If a woman uses lipstick, the chemicals contained in it will be absorbed by the skin of the lips and into the bloodstream. The more lead is absorbed by the body, the higher the risk to health.

Experts say, lead is a neurotoxin that affects the nervous system. When the body absorbs too much of this chemical, it can cause behavioral problems and brain function, lower IQ levels and hormonal imbalance. Even in the worst case, lead may cause miscarriage and infertility.

2. Petrochemicals

Lipstick manufacturers use many other harmful petrochemicals that are toxic to the body, including:

Bismuth oxychloride

A carcinogen is used in products such as solid powder mineral makeup, powder and lipstick. Keep in mind, Bismuth oxychloride cause skin irritation, itching, rash and inflammation.


Chemicals contained in most cosmetics have many side effects. One is that parabens can cause premature aging.

Mineral oil

Most lipstick contains mineral oil that blocks the pores of the skin. If the skin pores closed, the lips will look dry and cracked. While other cosmetic products containing mineral oil can cause acne.

To avoid these side effects, you should buy products such as natural cosmetics, which contain extracts of aloe vera, honey, castor oil, and much more. So that your lips in addition to healthy, but also keep it interesting to views.

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