Herbal Supplements Can Help Lower Cholesterol

Herbal Supplements Can Help Lower Cholesterol

Statins are cholesterol-lowering drug classes. However, the use of the drug have an other impacts.

According to dr. Aulia Sani, Sp.JP (K) there are two instances of the use of statin drugs. Those treated with statins for four years has decreased 5.4 cardiovascular events per 255 patients. But on the other hand, there is one additional case of diabetes mellitus per 255 patients on statin therapy for four years.

If the use of statins even cause other problems, it is worth starting to consider the use of herbal supplements to address the cholesterol issue. Now there are herbal supplements containing red yeast rice, guggulipid, and chromium picolinate which helps lower cholesterol.

According to Setiawan eries, Apt., Product Manager PT Novell Pharmaceutical Laboratories, red yeast rice is useful to suppress the production of cholesterol in the liver and inhibiting the oxidation of plaque in the blood vessels so that blood vessel blockage.

“Guggulipid, which comes from a plant that grows in India helps accelerate spending cholesterol, prevent adhesions in the blood vessels, so that the buildup of cholesterol in blood vessels can be avoided, and reduce levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. Chromium picolinate is a mineral that can help improve and optimize the hormones insulin, “added eries at a media briefing in Jakarta (18/6).

To test the benefits of the herbal supplement, conducted clinical trials. Clinical trials conducted by dr. Aulia on 40 respondents consisting of 20 men and 20 women aged 32-77 years. The average of these participants have blood cholesterol levels above 240 mg / dL.

Before undergoing the test, respondents were asked not to take cholesterol-lowering drugs for two weeks. Respondents were divided into two groups. One group was given an herbal supplement red yeast rice contains, guggulipid, and chromium picolinate. The other group was given a placebo containing vitamin.

After five days, a decrease in cholesterol levels in the majority of participants who received herbal supplements. In the group with herbal supplements, said dr. Aulia, total cholesterol levels dropped 21.136 mg / dL, LDL dropped an average of 18.823 mg / dL, triglycerides dropped an average of 17.091 mg / dL, while HDL levels remained stable.

In the placebo group, total cholesterol dropped 1.312 mg / dL, LDL dropped by an average of 4.75 mg / dL, triglycerides dropped an average of 4 mg / dL, and HDL levels remained stable. Although already down, dr. Aulia advised to keep living a healthy lifestyle, by eating healthy nutritious foods, regular exercise, and eating fruits and vegetables.

Suggested exercise is brisk walking. “If you want to run, in the last five minutes of exercise alone,” he advised.

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