Heart disease can strike young age

Heart disease can strike young age

Coronary heart disease is known as the number one killer in the world, today is not only suffered by the elderly, but also young age.

“The disease is classified as non-communicable diseases that have started to attack the young age. Fact the numbers are increasingly becoming a significant increase,” said Amran Lubis heart specialists in the field.

Regional General Hospital Director Dr. Pirngadi Medan said current heart disease cases continue to rise and is now the most attacked is the young age of 30.

“Meanwhile, if used in the medical literature, usually the risk of heart attack age 40 years for men, while women over 55 years,” he said.

He said the cause of the young age of heart disease is among them due to lifestyle, high stress, unhealthy environments, and the wrong diet because of frequent consumption of fast food.

“When compared to the year 2012, the number of people with heart disease is on the rise around 20 to 30 percent,” he said.

Head of Management of Health Problems of North Sumatra Health Office Sukarni say, heart disease is one of the degenerative diseases or or including non-communicable diseases.

One of the efforts made by his party, he said, in addition to socialization and counseling, as well as blood pressure measurement.

“One day the title of world health warnings on 7 April, which measures blood pressure held for a week. Due to complications from blood pressure to be able to eye and heart, and blood pressure did not have symptoms,” he said.

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