Green Lifestyle at the Office

Green Lifestyle at the Office

Simple steps can be done in the office to help alleviate global warming. Being environmentally friendly personal good as well for the survival of the company’s business because it can save the cost of production.

Eco-friendly homes have often discussed these days. One way to be taken is to enlarge window openings to conserve the use of electricity for lighting and air conditioning. Then, what about in the office, where we spend a lot of time, almost 8 hours a day, from Monday to Friday?

Quoted from Kim McKay and Jenny Bonnin, author of True Green at Work, a friendly personal environment in the office is easy. Start with yourself and the little things. Believe in the domino effect. If we are consistent, slowly all the colleagues and peers will also follow.

Here are 10 tips to be eco-friendly employee of McKay and Bonnin:

1) Use mugs rather than disposable plastic cups.

Often messages juice or coffee from the cafeteria in the back office? Try starting to bring their own cups or mugs rather than using disposable plastic cups.

2) Use a pen that can be filled.

Upset got dozens of pens, but can not be used? Begin to use a pen that can be refilled. More practical, and so the table is not full of pens. Can also choose a pen made ​​from fully biodegradable bioplastic.

3) Choose a paper from recycled materials.

In Indonesia, paper recycling is not popular, the price is likely to be more expensive. However, if we had time to think how many tens of trees to be felled to make a piece of paper, recycled paper is definitely much cheaper.

4) Set the printer in the two sides of the paper back and forth.

Make it a habit to print on both sides or use the back side of old documents from the fax or copier paper for memos or draft. Avoid color printing and in draft form. Make it a habit to think, should distribute invitations to print paper or simply sent via e-mail or e-mail (electronic mail)? E-mail is also easier to update.

5) Do not just throw away.

Save the document that are not used in places that can be recycled rather than throw it straight into the trash.

6) Bring food for lunch.

Due to practical and cheaper than cardboard boxes, many food vendors in an office environment using styrofoam for food packaging. In fact, to be destroyed, Styrofoam takes up to hundreds of years. Bring the stock to be more efficient and healthier. Also avoid the use of wooden chopsticks. Save chopsticks are washable for reuse.

7) Unplug your phone charger from the power outlet.

When not in use, make it a habit of unplugging all electrical equipment plugs. More secure, and able to make the battery life 40 percent longer.

8) Set the computer sleep.

Set the computer sleep automatically when we left the table more than 10 minutes can reduce energy use by 70 percent. What also must be remembered, screen savers wasting lots of energy.

9) Maximize natural light.

The habit of turning off lights when not needed or when leaving the room for 15 minutes. Take advantage of natural light all that can be done. Policy thrust buy energy saving light bulbs and use motion sensors that automatically turn off lights when not needed.

10) Join the environmental committee in the office environment.

If not there, take the initiative to green the environment by using cleaning products that are free of toxins and put some potted flowers near the table or partition. We can also begin to compact voice warns maintenance section to raise the room temperature when the temperature is set too low. Besides being wasteful, low temperature could lead to new complaints: aching body and brain so slow because of the cold.

We can also consider to use rail transport rather than take a car or motorcycle and personal to go home from the office. More efficient, practical, not stuck in traffic.

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