Formula milk poorly digested by babies

Formula milk poorly digested by babies

Breast milk is a living fluid created by God for human children. As the fluid of life, breast milk contains enzymes that are easily digested pieces of our hearts. While the liquid formula is dead without the enzyme. Baby so trouble digesting enzymes in the stomach because the content is still little babies.

Breast milk is the perfect food for human babies. “Breast milk is a living fluid. Fluid life is constantly changing its shape according to the needs of the baby. If the baby is hungry, it is a liquid rich in carbohydrates and protein. Meanwhile, when a baby is thirsty, more milk is rich of water,” said Dr. Utami Roesli, SpA, IBCLC, FABM, a pediatrician who aggressively campaigning about breastfeeding in front of a national bank officials in Jakarta this afternoon.

“As a living fluid, breast milk contains digestive enzymes that help the baby to digest. Formula milk it is dead fluid that not contains enzymes. Process digestive enzyme formula milk that still rely on little baby in the gastrointestinal tract,” he said.

Ation live fluids also contain many other substances that are useful for the baby. “There antibodies, antiviral and antibacterial to protect babies from illness. There is also a component of the protein after investigation proved beneficial to antitumor agents. Breastfeeding is ever researched and published in The Lancet in 2003. Breastfeeding from birth can prevent infant deaths up 22 percent. while exclusive breastfeeding for six months can prevent child mortality to 13 per cent, “said Dr. Utami.

Breastfeeding also bring benefits for the mother. “Breastfeeding is close with her ​​mother, to help prevent pregnancy and maternal health. Providing breast milk proven to protect mothers from breast cancer and ovarian. Reducing the incidence of serious diseases as well as diabetes, hypertension, stroke, stress. This certainly improve the quality of life of the mother,” he added.

According to Dr. Utami, exclusive breastfeeding for six months is also helping the family economy. “Formula milk is the least expensive course in a month spent $170 US dollars. If the mother has only $220 US dollars of income this means more than half of his salary is spent to buy milk,” he said.

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