Flu singapore, Recognize the symptoms and ignore the myth

Flu singapore, Recognize the symptoms and ignore the mythFlu singapore since early last year until now endemic. Every day there are six children went to the dr Rastra SpA, one of the pediatricians in Depok Hermina Hospital.

Parental ignorance of the disease to panic and consumed myths that just adds to the suffering of children. To get the correct information about the disease Rastra Star interviewed Dr. SpA.

From his experience with dozens of children who are exposed to the virus flu Singapore, Rastra understand well, the ins and outs of this disease. “Since early this year, an increase in cases flu Singapore, especially in Depok and surrounding areas. But since a few days ago the number of patients has decreased. Hopefully the trend continues to fall, “please Rastra encountered in RS Hermina, Wednesday (30/5) morning.

Rastra explain, flu Singapore is an infectious disease caused by RNA viruses, which enter in the family and genus enterovirus picornaviridea. In medicine, flu Singapore better known as hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) or foot disease, hands, and mouth (KTM). “Because once endemic in Singapore, the disease is more commonly called flu Singapore. In fact, this disease has long existed in Indonesia, “said Rastra.

General public ignorance about the disease often cause parents to panic. Flu Singapore usually hits infants. However, in a few cases there are children 6 to 10 years exposed to this virus. Well as adults. “In general, this disease attacks children aged 2 weeks to 5 years. Children above 5 years and adults exposed to this virus, if their immune system was down dramatically, “explained Rastra.

A child exposed to flu Singapore is characterized by high fever 38 to 40 degrees Celsius and red spots around the feet, hands and mouths of children. These red spots are of two types, such as hives and chicken pox. According Rastra, in truth there are no specific drugs that can eradicate this virus. This disease will heal itself, even without treatment. “We were left, giving the drug was only just to ease the pain of the child, such as difficulty in swallowing and speed up the drying process of red bumps on the bump-like smallpox. The most potent drugs, bed rest, “he said.

However, if the child’s health condition continued to fall and the kids will not eat, shall be taken to the doctor. “In some cases I have met, children are exposed to the virus flu Singapore do not want to eat and health continues to decline. Cause, around the throat and tongue, there are injuries such as chicken pox. This is why children do not want to eat and need special care or hospitalization. But most children who get flu Singapore still can play, like a healthy child, “explained at length Rastra. Rastra suggests, children are exposed to this virus liquid or soft foods such as chicken porridge and noodles.

The healing process flu Singapore usually takes up to 7 days, even more. With these considerations, Rastra suggest to parents that children complete bed rest for 7 days. No food should dipantang and children should remain a shower. “There is a myth that is not true and likely to mislead, such as children affected flu Singapore should not be bathing. My advice remains a bath, because it will speed up the healing process, “said Rastra. Children are also free to eat anything.

During the 7 days that children are exposed to the virus also was banned from playing with their peers. If not, this virus will easily move to other children. Spread of virus flu Singapore very easy and fast, especially during the summer or dry. Transmission is usually from direct contact – from person to person, air, saliva, feces, fluid from the vesicles and excreta.

“Transmission can also occur by indirect contact with items that have been contaminated. Hence, every patient flu Singapore, nurses directly to clean or replace the goods were suspected to be contaminated secretions. In this way, I have been to prevent the spread of this virus, “explained Rastra.

If a child is exposed to this virus, the incubation period is about 2 to 5 days. “If there are children at home are exposed to this virus and at home was also a toddler, the child should be temporarily affected flu Singapore isolated for 7 days. If not, it will infect others. For children who have got this virus, can be exposed again. The earlier this disease know, the better, “said Rastra concluded.

Myths and Facts About Flu Singapore

1. Myth, Children affected flu Singapore bathing is prohibited.
Fact, in order to speed up the healing process, the child’s body should be clean by bathing.

2. Myth, Children affected flu Singapore must use powder, so that the bump-bump in the body quickly disappear.
Fact, the dust could settle on the wounds, such as chicken pox that can slow the healing process.

3. Myth, Exposed to wind can aggravate the affected child flu Singapore.
Fact, a gust of wind will not worsen the health condition of children, but can transmit the flu to someone else.

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