Fitness can be a cure disease

Fitness can be a cure disease

If in the previous article explained that the fitness could make people smarter, advanced following another reason why you need to go to the fitness center.

Here’s why, as has been published in Men’s Fitness magazine:

Fitness Reduce Depression

Your boss will be happy to know that hard work makes you more fun and be more productive. Of course, this is not going to encourage them to build a gym on the ground floor.

Busy professionals practicing throughout the day will feel more productive, say researchers at Leeds Metropolitan University.

Sixty percent of workers in the study said, time management, mental performance, and their ability to meet the deadline increased while performing the exercise.

Research also shows that their productivity increased by 15 percent during the test.

Fitness Make You More Energetic

“It is a paradox in the world of fitness,” said Jim McKenna, professor of exercise and health at Leeds Metropolitan University. “To get energy, you need a charge.”

So after lunch if you feel a little tired, do not worry, it’s just a temporary energy reductions.

You have to eat the right nutrients to supply the back of carbohydrates and protein and you will be excited again in the afternoon. Leeds researchers found that workers who exercise during lunch hour, have little tendency to suffer from fatigue in the afternoon. We recommend that this secret is not known your boss.

Fitness Can Treat Disease

In fact, fitness is a magic pill, according to scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH). It helps prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, and 12 types of cancer, including colorectal, pancreatic, and prostate.

“Exercise is the elixir that has a lot of benefits,” said professor Frank Hu. We are not sure of the drugs that have a strong and universal benefits for ourselves, mind, but Hu knows that fitness is the cure.

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