Drinking Chocolate, Senile Vanish!

Drinking Chocolate, Senile Vanish!

The chocolate lover, this is good news for you. According to the study, mentioned chocolate can reduce the symptoms of dementia (senility) and Alzheimer’s.

The researchers found that daily consumption of cocoa will improve the condition called mild cognitive impairment or mild cognitive impairment, a condition leading progressive memory loss or Alzheimer’s dementia in those who are elderly.

In this study, approximately 90 people aged 70 or older who had mild cognitive impairment were divided into three groups and each group was given chocolate drink with different levels namely mild, moderate and high.

Beverage (brown) was apparently contains flavanols, a chemical that helps reduce symptoms of dementia are also present in many types of foods, including cocoa products like chocolate.

Meanwhile, the participants are strictly requested not to consume other foods containing flavanols, such as tea or red wine. They checked the condition of cognition such as continuously working memory and memory speed of data processing.

The scientists found that those who consumed high doses of cocoa each day and are getting significantly higher cognitive scores in several categories including working memory at the end of the study, which lasted eight weeks.

An published study in the Journal of Hypertension concluded that those who drank high-flavanol dose improved memory than those taking a low dose.

Insulin resistance and blood pressure also decreased in those consuming high-flavanol dose and moderate.

Desideri Giovambattista Doctor from the University of L’Aquila in Italy, who led the study said, “This study provides strong evidence that the consumption of cocoa flavanols as part of an effort to control your calorie intake to balance the diet also helps improve cognitive function.

“The next big studies are needed to validate these findings, especially in figuring out sebarapa long the positive effects will last and determine levels of cocoa flavanols are needed so rewarding.” Said Giovambattista.

Doctor Laura Phipps of the Center for Alzheimer’s Research UK said, “The treatment of brain function disorders with cocoa gives great hope for Alzheimer’s patients, yet little research on flavanols is not convincing.”

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