Don’t habit of sleeping on the Sofa!

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Sofa favorite place some people to sleep. However, it is not advisable to linger on the soft sofas and cozy it.

Apart form is not designed to support your spine, unwittingly sofa can also be a life-threatening cancer agent.

According to researchers from the University of California, Berkeley and Duke University, flame retardant chemicals that are toxic in the sofa puts you at high risk of cancer development.

The survey results revealed approximately 85 percent of 104 tested couch in America contains a flame retardant that can be toxic. In addition, the researchers also found that 41 percent of the sofa containing chlorinated TDCPP and 17 percent had pentaBDE, chemicals banned in the whole world.

These toxic materials abundant in the foam sofa. Unwittingly, sofa foam crumbs can be released in the air to join the dust in the house.

Flame retardant exposure can cause hormone disruption to cancer risk, which has been proven through hundreds of previous studies in both humans and cancer. Worse, pregnant women are affected by exposure to pentaBDE in his blood at risk of having children with low weight, low IQ to neurological disorders and growth of children.

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