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Women often spend time to dress up to get their facial appearance more attractive and certainly more beautiful. Well, if you’ve been trying to make time to dress, how to clean up her makeup? Are efforts to clean makeup also big enough?

Before answer, try to remember your good habits again when you got home from the office or a party. Does makeup make up or cleaned properly or even cool to leave it alone until you fall asleep?

Should, if you’ve tried using makeup so great, it’s good to also apply things like make-up while cleaning. Prior to the cleaning ritual, it’s good to check back type of cleanser that you have. Is completely appropriate and in accordance with your skin or not?

Keep in mind, that the skin quite soft and easily damaged. Therefore, according to Teresa Tarmey, a makeup artist, you need to ensure its cleaning products should be gentle. But not only that, how to use the product is also important.

Using a cloth or material which is devoted to cleansing the best way to make sure you thoroughly clean and lift cosmetology at the same time. The goal, besides making the skin become clean also ensure the pores are not clogged.

“Wiping the skin with arbitrarily going to sleep it will remove makeup, but learn to cleanse the skin without creating interest and minimize any effects of stress will reduce the damage that will arise,” Teresa said as quoted by Female First.

Facial skin care is important. Cleaning makeup wrong way can not only irritate the skin but also accelerate aging, causing fine lines appear and uneven skin tone. You certainly do not want to experience premature aging of the skin, right?

To that end, Teresa gives advice on cleaning makeup well.

1. Clean your face with a cloth or tissue that has been granted cleanser. Rub cleaner in the middle of the forehead and then point to the left. After that, navigate to the middle of the back and to the right. This will help lubricate the skin while lifting makeup.

2. To the eye, wrap the cleaning cloth around the ring finger. Gently rub the cleanser from the eyelid to the outer corners of eyes. This will give you greater control over the proper pressure in the eye. Using the index finger or middle will only make the pressure too great for the delicate skin in that section.

3. Make sure the wipes or cleaning wipes, fresh and moist. Rub gently on the skin. For the cheeks, the cheek point of cleaning up towards the ears, over and over. This technique will help lift the skin. Clean the skin downward will only cause the skin to sag.

4. Do not tugging or rubbing the skin with not supposed. Teresa suggested the use of three fingers, index finger, middle finger and ring finger of the opposite hand to clean your face.

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