Diabetes, Deadly are slowly

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Jakarta — Diabetes, a disease that are slowly deadly. Start of symptoms that do not seem up to the problem of complications afterward.

“Diabetes worsens the quality of life of sufferers. Patients also have a lifespan of five years shorter than in healthy people,” said Prof. Dr. Pradana Soewondo, SpPD-KEMD, encountered in the Partnership for Diabetes Control in Indonesia at the Hotel Ibis Jakarta (3/5).

Over time with increasing severity of the disease, the possibility of chronic complications often occur.

In one study, people with diabetes in the ground water most experienced retinophaty (abnormal eyeball causes blurred vision), neuropathy (damage to the nervous system), proteinuria (trigger of kidney stones), amputation, angina (coronary heart disease), PAD (with clogged leg arteries plaque) to stroke.

“Because of these complications are only 38 percent of people who can work. Remaining 61 percent had not worked because of blurred vision or amputation,” added Dr. Pradana.

Dr. Pradana advised to begin to realize the risk factors for diabetes. Especially for people who also have hypertension and obesity.

“People with diabetes could not eat anything, as long as there are not too many. Routine checks complications once a year, keep weight in order not to grow, check blood pressure and sugar levels in hemoglobin (HbA1c) should be under seven,” he advised.

Efforts Press Diabetes

Various efforts have been made ​​by the government to stop the rate of non-communicable diseases. One of them in cooperation with the private sector to prevent the growing number of diabetes through PDCI (Partnership in Diabetes Control in Indonesia).

Ministry of Health and Sanofi Group Indonesia jointly conduct educational programs to 500 internist (internal medicine specialist) and 5,000 general practitioners from 36 cities in Indonesia within a period of five years.

“We do not just focus on drugs, but also to partner government to support the achievement of the MDGs by increasing public awareness of diabetes and increasing physician capacity,” said Eric Ng, chairman of Sanofi Group Indonesia.

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